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Overcoming Disaster in Four Steps

Sh*t happens. Frequently! And the reason the phrase, “When it rains, it pours” exists, is because when bad stuff happens, it seems to happen all at the same time. And it stinks! But don’t despair! Even when the train goes waaaaay off the tracks, even when you think...

To Those Who Did Not Say # MeToo

Even if you did not say #metoo in your status, you have probably been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted. Did you downplay what happened to you because it was not full-blown rape? Did you realize it was assault? Have you inadvertently caused fear in another by your actions?

Why “Living in the Moment” Doesn’t Always Work

I was in the lobby of Rockefeller Center in Manhattan when the secret of life was revealed to me. Contrary to what I’d been told, happiness, peace and prosperity did not come from living in the present. Happiness, peace and prosperity came from leaving the present...

The Mind/Body Connection of How Emotions Affect the Body

Our bodies and our minds are endlessly adaptable. There is quite literally an endless variety of adaptations that our bodies and our minds can make, allowing us to survive in even the harshest of mental or physical circumstances. Although this ability is useful in a...

Kicking Bad Habits by Dehypnotizing Yourself

Waking Up From Everyday Brainwashing Many people use hypnosis in order to overcome subconscious blocks and create positive change in their life. But sometimes, the faster, more efficient rout to change is learning how to becoming un-hypnotized, or dehypnotized in our...

New Year’s Resolutions with Heart, Soul and Hypnosis

Sadly, making New Year’s Resolutions has become a superficial endeavor. Every year, millions of people resolve to “get in shape and lose weight.” Gym memberships spike for one month, and by February, everyone is back to their same old patterns. Year after year this...

Predestination, Fate and God’s Will vs. Free-Will

One of the questions asked by humans throughout time is whether we have free-will and are in control of our own destiny, or if our lives are predestined by some higher authority and we have no choice except to live out what’s been planned for us. Whether we call it...

Post-Election PTSD and Anxiety

PTSD and the Election Since the election cycle began, I’ve been overwhelmed with clients urgently needing appointments - not because of their weak constitution or their inability to see both sides of an argument, but because their Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or...

Age and Health: We are What we Believe

The Science of Cellular Renewal Here are the facts: In the 1950‘s we learned that 98% of our atoms are replaced annually. We learned that these new atoms come directly from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the liquids we drink. A decade later we learned that...

Postural Lessons From a Skeleton

Posture, Pain and Personal Well-Being I have a skeleton. Well, actually, I have two skeletons, my own personal skeleton and a big plastic skeleton that I bought at Costco at Halloween. My plastic skeleton from Costco lives in my fitness studio and he and I have...

The Relativity of Reality

The Fiction of Facts We have all seen images like the one above, showing how the same object looks different from different perspectives. Most of us understand and appreciate this concept to some extent, but when push comes to shove, we still believe that our own...


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