Small Group Fitness and Fun Classes

“Everything has rhythm. Everything dances.” - Maya Angelou

Small Group Fitness Classes for Women

Fun physical fitness classes for small groups and parties – Wedding & Flash Mob Choreographer – Bachelorette Party Dance Workout

Group exercise, semi-private training and workout classes are an economical, fun and motivational way to get in shape and have fun in the process. Working out with a small group of people who share common goals is fun because it affords us social interaction, comradery, accountability and a touch of humor.

We can get fit, have fun, make friends, cheer each other on, laugh, receive support and motivation and be held accountable for our fitness goals by others who are on a similar journey. Group classes can be modified for all levels, and are non-competitive. Come experience our version of group therapy!

Semi-Private Fitness Training
Pyramid Fusion’s Group Fitness Class Schedule

Yoga Dance Flow – Monday 8:30-9:30: This class is done barefoot or in socks without a ballet barre, in order to develop balance, core strength and a kinesthetic awareness of your own body. A fusion of yoga, ballet, Pilates and moves will leave you feeling long, lean, invigorated and strong. Come relax, refresh and stretch away the tensions of the week, preparing you for a healthy week ahead.

Cardio Sculpting – Wednesday 8:30-9:30: A high energy class that utilizes the concepts of periodization and cross training in order to keep your fitness level increasing. Mixing cardio with bands, tubes, body weight exercises and free weights keeps you burning calories at an optimal level and prevents injuries, boredom and over-training.

Group and Personal Training for Yoga Classes
Bachelorette, Girls Night Out, Birthday, Divorce or Bridal Parties

Get the girls together for a dance party! Whether you want a great warm-up to your night out dancing or you want to make this the focus of your party, Lora guarantees that your party will be an event to remember! From vintage burlesque to modern Pussycat Dolls style dancing, and every era in between. You select the theme and style that appeals to you most and Lora will teach you all a fun dance routine that doubles as a workout.

Boas, gloves, crows, champagne and glitter optional!

$100 and up for a one-hour class

Bachelorette Party Class
Bridal Party Yoga

Big parties aren’t your style? Need a little Zen before the big event, or maybe you simply want to open your heart and center your spirit so you can fully connect to the sacred meaning of your union?

Yoga is the perfect way to back out of the stress of wedding planning and focus on you, your heart and soul. Get the entire bridal party together (or just a few of you) for an hour of pure bliss and relaxation before the big day.

Classes geared to any fitness and experience level.

$100 and up for a one-hour class

Wedding dance and flash mob choreography

You’ve seen the amazing dances on YouTube, the regular run-of-the-mill wedding dance that turn into something special, memorable and fun because they have been professionally choreographed. Now is your chance to create a little wedding magic for yourself and treat you and your guests to a truly entertaining performance.

Whether it’s for the bride and groom, the bridesmaids, the father-daughter or the mother-son dance, make your dance one to remember. You set the tone and feel, pick the song or songs that you want to dance to and Lora will choreograph and teach you a dance that everyone will remember for years to come.

$50 per hour choreography and teaching time.

Most dances take 1-2 hours to choreograph and 1-2 hours to teach.

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