New Year’s Resolutions with Heart & Soul – Choreographing a SPARKLING 2018!



New Year’s Resolutions with Heart & Soul – Choreographing a *Sparkling* 2018!

Sadly, making New Year’s Resolutions has become a superficial endeavor. Every year, millions of people resolve to “get in shape, pay off debt, find true love” or “pursue a new career.” Gym memberships spike for one month, plans are made, but by February everyone is back to their same old patterns. Year after year this cycle repeats, and opportunities for personal growth, enlightenment and soul-filled resolutions are lost.

• Are you ready to change all that?
• Are you ready to be DONE making resolutions, and start start LIVING your resolutions?
• Are you ready to Build ALL your Dreams in 2018?
• Are you ready to break out of the wanting, waiting and wishing and start living your SPARKLE?
• Are you ready to DEFINE what you want, in all aspects of your life?
• Are you ready to DESIGN a life that you love living?
• Are you ready to DETOX your mind and emotions, leaving you FREE to choreograph your life, exactly as you see fit?
• Make 2018 the year where ALL your dreams come true!

This workshop teaches you EXACTLY HOW to Build your Dreams and Live your Sparkle!
It shows you, step by step, how to DEFINE what it is you want, DESIGN a blueprint for the next year that will get you EXACTLY where you want to be, and how to DETOX your mind, emotions and spirit so you will be energetically ready to accomplish you goals.

• How to bring BOTH halves of your brain on line, the logical left brain and the creative right brain, in order to create what you desire
• How to move the desires of the conscious portion of your mind into the subconscious portion of the mind
• How to identify and release subconscious blocks
• How to choreograph exactly the kind of life that you desire, doing exactly what you dream!
Release yourself from dysfunctional cycles or beliefs, connect to your core being, heal, commit, grow and evolve in ways that you have never have evolved before!


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