I’ve had numerous friends and clients reach out to me and ask what the Angels are saying about the election. Instead of answering everyone one at a time, I decided to sit down, tune in, channel the Angels and find out for myself as well.
What follows is my channeled session with the Angels, unedited except for my misspellings and my headings, which hopefully provide some structure. Sometimes the Angels talk collectively, sometimes they talk individually, so it does jump around a bit from we to you. I did not want to dilute the actual message in any way, so I decided to leave it.

I’ve never done a collective reading so to speak, I have only done individual and small group readings, so this is a new experience for me too, but this was a very positive experience for me, and I was quite surprised by some of the things that I learned. I hope you are too, and I hope it brings you enlightenment, peace and perspective on where we need to put our efforts next.

Angelic Message about the Election

It should come as no surprise that you and your planet are exactly where they need to be at this moment and that things are indeed turning out exactly as planned. That is your message of comfort and hope that you were wanting to hear, but that is not the entire message. The most important part of the message is that you have evolved enough that you are finally capable of doing the work that needs to be done. You cannot relax now, now is just the beginning, the introduction to all that you need to do. Now is when we need to focus on an intense period of healing. This healing process will last approximately three years if done with sincerity.

The Opening of the Wounds

Your so called culture had to devolve into hate and destruction in order to rip the scabs off of both sides of your culture. Although talking in dualistic terms is not accurate, for your ease of understanding, we must. We will simply call this division the division of light and dark. You can only divide something that is one. You cannot divide things that are separate. That is the nature of all division. It comes from the whole and your people are a whole.

In this oneness, there is no good or evil, as part of the whole cannot be that which opposes itself. However, that which is, can be wounded. In your quest to rush to a state of peace or harmony, and say there is nothing evil or bad, you neglect to recognize that fact that all that is, is wounded. As we say, being wounded is not bad, but being wounded does require being healed. Your primary mission on earth is to heal the wounded.

Some call it love, some call it service, some call it gratitude, but the base element in all of those actions is the call towards healing. When we serve to absolve ourselves of guilt or to keep others worshiping us, we are not healing. When we are thankful that we are not somebody else or we brag with our thanksgiving, we are not healing. When we love because we want to make ourselves feel good, we are not healing. This is why we can sometimes do all the right things, but receive no benefit from it. It’s because our base intent, our base motivation and our base action needs to be to heal.

The Universal Drive Towards Wholeness

It is the purpose of everyone and everything on this planet to move towards wholeness. Please don’t forget that death is part of wholeness too. A life is only complete upon death. Whether that death occurs before life ever begins or long past when life should have ended is irrelevant. All death is a successful completion of a life and it creates wholeness and therefore healing.

Your planet has evolved exactly to the point where its entire population can find healing and wholeness. One can only heal when one’s wound is visible. When our wounds are hidden, how can they be found in order to be healed?
We have just successfully brought the collective wounds of the whole into the light. Your choice is to hide those wounds again, or to heal them.

They will not be made worse at this time unless the collective whole decides once again to gloss-over or conceal their wounds. If this becomes the case, the wounds will need to be revealed again, so the wounding will have no choice except to continue, because, like death, the drive towards wholeness will always find a way.

Healing is Facilitated by that which Causes the Wound

The thing with healing is that wounds can only be healed by that which caused the wound. This is the true meaning of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” My wounded eye can only be healed by an eye. My wounded tooth can only be made whole by a tooth. This verse is not about retribution, it’s about healing.

My absolution is complete when I know and understand my own wound, which is a contemplative study and immersive understanding of that which caused my wound. When I know and understand what drove the predator to wound me, then I can be healed. Forgiveness is not healing. Forgiveness is separate and that can come later. Understanding the wound is first.

Like your understanding of the predators of the wild, you understand their drive to hunt prey. You see that drive for survival in yourself and you know and understand it on a deep, intuitive level. So it needs to be with the understanding of the predators wounding you now. If you want to be healed, you have to know all facets of tat which caused your wounds. You do not have to agree with it, but you do have to know it and understand it fully or you cannot heal.

Take one of your most vile killers and seek to understand his rage fully, in your heart, head and bones. We shy away from this knowingness is because it is a mirror of our own dark selves. We fear that if we understand how the killer kills and the rapist rapes, then it will unleash our own daemons and we will become what we abhor. But in truth it will heal us, because it make us one with our darkest nature, it provides the eye for an eye. It shows us our oneness. It reflects back all that we too are capable of and it allow us to relax in the knowledge that we choose light. Even in darkness, we choose light.

A Mirror to Humanity

This election has been a giant mirror to all of humanity who thinks they are on the light side. It has reflected back hate and greed and power and everything that those on the light side have turned away from. The problem arose when we turned away from this darkness and began our ascension, and we failed to bring the dark side along with us.

If we want to ascend we must heal. If we want to heal, we must find our wound. If we want to find our wound we need to remove the scab and bleed. Once we bleed, we need to find that which created our wound in the beginning and we need to know what caused the wounding. We need to get in touch with that part of us that is capable of creating that same wound in others, and we need to because that is the only eye that will heal our wounded eye.

When we see the dark side in action, we begin to bleed. But instead of reaching out for the dark side and say, “I know” in understanding, we turn away, hold up the mirror and reflect back all that we reject. When we reflect back what we reject we are not embracing that which will heal our wound. We are rejecting the only eye that will fix our wounded eye. The other eye is being offered! When we do not reach for it and accept it as part of us, we cannot heal.

The dark side, is wounded just like we are and it is seeking its other eye from us. The dark side has been wounded by the light, which maybe shined too brilliantly, too quickly and the dark side is holding up a mirror not only for its protection, but for our own benefit as well. The dark side is telling us as clearly as it can, “Hey, you! You hurt me! Look at the pain and the wounding I’m reflecting back to you. We can heal this together if you accept this pain, and work with it until you understand it. Then we will both be healed together.” That is the eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth that we talk about.

It’s up to us to start the Cycle of Healing

Light side, why do you have to go first? Because you started on this whole assention thing first, that’s why! You took the first step in evolving and you were the ones who talked about a loving, unified, peace filled planet. We thought it was a great idea, and we want to come along too, so we brought you the next step in the process. We brought you to the step called healing and you are going to have to begin this process of healing both our wounds.

You see and understand that the dark side wants to go down in a blaze of glory. The dark side wants to fight to the finish to the death and hold on with everything it’s got. That’s because it’s a mirror of how badly the light side wants to ascend and be lifted up in divine glory. The dark side is not stubborn and hateful, they are merely reflecting your commitment to unity.

We are saddened by the thought that things will get worse. We are saddened by the thought that you will not reach out with your olive branch and facilitate healing first. We are saddened when we see you coming from a place of high ego, which is ego in the name of peace and goodness that results from a place of half-consciousness and half-healing. You have done so well at covering your wounds that you have forgotten that you are wounded.

We Reject what we Cannot Comprehend

Now is the opportunity to reach across the divide to those who have wounded you. Now is the time to understand how it is possible and how they are capable of perpetrating those crimes. Although it horrifies you to think of letting that in, let it in, in order to understand it. Remember that we only reject that which we cannot fully comprehend. We need to comprehend what wounds us in order to heal us. An eye for an eye. We do not perpetrate wounds ourselves, we only need to understand what drives those who wound. This is what you call karma and how to absolve karma.

It’s embracing the ability to commit the foul deed, not a committing of the foul deed that’s important. Some call it our shadow, but it’s more than that. It’s our duality. It’s us, because we are one. If we weren’t how would we be divided?

Both sides are wounded. Both sides are bleeding and have had the wound revealed. We on the light side are the ones who must start the process of healing first, because we are the ones who brought this cycle of destruction upon us.

Collective Healing

How’s that for a mirror? We brought this cycle of destruction upon ourselves because we asked for ascension. We asked for our vibration to be raised and for the planet to be unified and healed. The next step in this assentation is our collective healing. The next step in our evolution is embracing the concept of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth in order to heal our wounds and join us together. This is going to take diligence. This is work.

You asked for this, and we brought you the dark side, to keep picking the scab off the surface of the wound until the deep healing is complete. Our loving promise to you is that this mirror will keep reflecting back whatever you need to see in order to keep the wound open long enough for true healing to occur. Work quickly if you long for this chaos to be done.

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