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“Lora’s intuition is consistently right …”

I’ve been a big fan of Lora’s Angel Readings for about 4 years now. Lora’s intuition is consistently right on as she can read the energy around you with ease, always bringing comfort and clarity to any situation. The fact that she receives her messages from the Angelic realm has always been comforting to know as her ethics in delivering positive and helpful messages, is second to none.

What Lora relays to me is for my higher good and inevitably it calms any questions or fears I’ve had. I don’t trust just anyone but Lora has gained my confidence with her kind nature, immense knowledge of spirituality and energy, and of course, her spot on accuracy.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for direction on any topic. Every time I speak with her, I get a blessing out of it. Thank you Lora for sharing your talents and gifts and making the world a happier place.

- Amie M. Westlake Village, CA10/4/2016

“I’m very thankful to have found her.”

I have seen Lora several times, for hypnosis and readings and have been at one of her workshops as well. She is so insightful; she was able to give me guidance on a relationship and even on how to help my ailing dog.

I love her knowledge about the brain and power of the subconscious mind, and how that can be harnessed.

Her hypnosis sessions have been helpful for me to overcome some things, too; she knows what to say for my situation. It’s been so insightful working with her, and it’s great to be in her positive energy. She truly wants to help others; I’m very thankful to have found her.

- Shelley H. Colorado Springs, CO 1/25/2016

“You will indeed see improvements …”

Lora is truly a one-of-a-kind instructor. I’ve been her student for over 8 years, but I’ve been an exerciser for 30 years. I’ve never encountered anyone or any program like Lora and her approach.

I continue to return to Lora for four reasons: She has: (1)a love for educating her students in anatomy and safety; (2)a fresh routine for every workout; (3)a passion for fitness and a kind, unintimidating approach; and (4)a devotion to seeing her student try, then succeed, and finally excel, performing at unanticipated performance levels.

You will indeed see improvements in your fitness, and you will actually enjoy doing so!

- Bonnie Y. Littleton, CO 8/9/2015

“Lora is a wonderful coach and trainer.”

Lora is a wonderful coach and trainer. She is patient and understanding. She brings health and healing to each of her classes…physical and spiritual. I recommend taking any of her classes/offerings. You won’t be sorry.

- Chris L., Littleton CO 1/10/2013

“I was blown away by her knowledge …”

What an educated and FUN trainer! Lora knows every sub-bundle of every muscle and how the entire system integrates. I was blown away with her knowledge of physiology and the accessibility of how she relates it to others.

She works you as hard as you can handle, but never crosses the line where you don’t want to go back. She has a dozen different ways to hit each muscle group and changes it up so it’s never boring. My sessions with her kick started my health program and gave me the motivation to start going to the gym again. The only bad part is that now I don’t get to see her anymore! 😉

- Laila Z. Parker, CO 8/29/2016

“Lora is great!”

She is very knowledgeable and you can tell how much she cares about people and wants to help them get through whatever they are dealing with. She will take the time to answer any questions and help you feel comfortable.

I’m excited to work with her more to get through my subconscious beliefs.

- Sarah L. Littleton, CO 1/9/2016

“Highly recommend our Lora!”

Lora is a great instructor. Her commitment to her students and striving to improve our bodies is at the core of all her teaching. Her knowledge of the human body inspires us to work harder. She is positive, warm and caring. Check out her website to see all that she offers.

She is a lifetime learner and works hard to improve herself which serves as an inspiration to us. Highly recommend our Lora!

- Linda S. Littleton, CO 12/31/2015

“Your life will be fuller …”

Over the years I’ve worked with Lora in various capacities including fitness classes, hypnotherapy and angel readings. My teenage daughter works on her fitness goals with Lora as her personal trainer and has consulted Lora numerous times when she didn’t know how to handle her intuitive gifts. Lora is special.

Your life will be fuller, your body healthier and your heart and mind clearer after meeting Lora.

- Lisa K. Littleton, CO 3/14/13

“I recommend Lora’s classes …”

I have been attending Lora’s Yoga and fitness classes for years now and I can’t imagine life without them. Lora’s enthusiasm and expert instruction make for a class that is challenging and so much fun. Lora inspires us to be the best that we can be. I recommend Lora’s classes to everyone because I know she will tailor to everyone’s strengths and weaknesses even in a group setting.

- Davina C. Littleton, CO 1/10/12

“Lora is amazing.”

Lora is amazing, I’ve had hypnotherapy and Angel Readings and each time I’ve come away with knowledge that has helped me in my growth and healing. I am now taking a Yoga class with her and it’s a blast! I have so much fun in her classes and I always feel wonderful when I leave a session.

- Dani O. Littleton, CO 1/12/12

“Lora is an incredible source of knowledge and wisdom.”

Lora is an incredible source of knowledge and wisdom. I have had the opportunity to take her classes, have her as a health coach and participate in readings with her. Her passion for her life’s work and her compassion for each and every person that crosses her path is extraordinary.

If you are looking for someone that will truly partner with you in a caring and positive way please reach out to Lora!

- Kelly W. Denver, CO 1/1/2016

“I love Lora’s spirit and great energy …”

Pyramid Fusion is fantastic! I love Lora’s spirit and great energy and I have loved the hypnosis sessions she has guided me through. I look forward to future sessions with her! Pyramid Fusion has so many great opportunities.

Yoga, Hypnosis, Fitness Classes, Angel Readings and more.

Lora really meets you right where you are at and brings new positive energy into your life!

- Rebecca N. Littleton, CO 1/4/2016

“..angel reading from Lora, she’s the best!”

I have had an angel reading done by Lora and it was awesome. I left there feeling wonderful and it lasted for a week. Lora has such incredible energy and when she shares it with you, it is a very special thing. I highly recommend getting an angel reading from Lora, she’s the best!

I have also taken body sculpting class from Lora which is excellent, always different. It seems that Lora makes a huge effort to always find new and different ways to work the muscles. I have also had Lora perform hypnosis on me, this was a great experience. I intend to use as many of Lora’s services and talents as possible.

- Lynda P. Littleton, CO 6/11/14

“She is such a remarkable and memorable person …”

I’ve known Lora for years in many different pathways of life: school, church, fitness coach, mom, classroom mothers, and as a friend.

She is such a remarkable and memorable person in every capacity! Her energy and quest to live a meaningful life is motivational! Her natural buoyancy and optimism is an inspiration!- I don’t know anyone who doesn’t sincerely and truly love her!

- Carol A. Littleton, CO 1/10.2013

I always leave a session with Lora feeling uplifted, cheerful and strong.”

Lora takes incredible time in planning and researching her classes. She pays more attention to details and to integration of various modalities than any teacher I’ve ever encountered.

She is a wealth of knowledge and is very willing to explain body and muscle structure and use as well as suggesting ways to maintain good form and prevent injuries. Yoga is a spiritual as well as a physical experience. Lora’s readings and discussions are as nurturing to the soul as the flows and poses are to the body.

I appreciate the clean, relaxing and peaceful spaces she provides. I always leave a session with Lora feeling uplifted, cheerful and strong.

- Lynn P. Lakewood, CO 5/6/2009

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